Stereophonics reunite with Stuart Cable onstage

Old drummer knew band's songs better than current band members

Stereophonics‘ lead singer Kelly Jones has revealed that the band reunited with former drummer Stuart Cable at recent wedding they both attended.

Cable, who left the band amid some acrimony back in September 2003, joined the Stereophonics onstage for the surprise show.

Jones said: “Parting ways with Stuart was a really horrible time for everybody involved. Thankfully all that water’s under the bridge now, we speak to each other again. We even played at a wedding again the other day pissed up together onstage.”


He added that there are no hard feelings, and Cable even knew the songs better than the current band members.

Speaking to Xfm,

Jones explained: “He knew the songs better than us! We were brought up in the same street just seven doors apart, so we always said it was just a band. We were friends a lot longer than we were ever in a band together.”

The band release a greatest hits compilaation, ‘Decade In The Sun’, next week (November 17).

The tracklisting is:



‘The Bartender And The Thief’

‘Just Looking’

‘Have A Nice Day’

‘Local Boy In The Photograph’

‘Maybe Tomorrow’


‘Pick A Part That’s New’

‘My Own Worst Enemy’

‘I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio’

‘You’re My Star’

‘Mr Writer’

‘Step On My Old Size Nines’


‘It Means Nothing’

‘A Thousand Trees’

‘Vegas Two Times’


‘More Life In A Tramp’s Vest’

‘Handbags And Gladrags’