Stereophonics in high-speed police chase

Welsh rockers run into trouble on North American tour

Stereophonics were involved in a police chase on Sunday (September 21), after the driver of their tour bus refused orders by Canadian border patrolmen to pull over.

After a two-mile chase, guards finally managed to get the bus to pull over at 4am local time.

The band were then forced off the vehicle while it was searched.

Ironically, the band later discovered they were only chased in the first place because their driver had been parked illegally.

“What a day. We got chased by the cops for two miles – for illegal parking,” Singer Kelly Jones told The Sun.

Jones added that he almost made matters worse by saying he was friends with notorious Welsh drugs smuggler Howard Marks.

“It was aggressive border control,” he explained. “One of the guards started talking about a guy who used to smuggle drugs through bands’ equipment.

“I said: ‘Are you talking about Howard Marks? He’s my friend.’ You can imagine the rest.”