Stuart Cable spills the beans on his sacking and his feelings towards frontman Kelly Jones...

STEREOPHONICS ex-drummer STUART CABLE has branded his former band “bland”.

The Welshman was ousted from the group last September following what frontman Kelly Jones described as “commitment issues”. Finally Cable has broken his silence over the incident.

He said: “Kelly has said a lot of things in the press and I haven’t said a thing. I’ve looked at some of the things Kelly’s said in the papers since the split and thought, ‘How can he say that, hand on heart?’.”


Cable added: “And that pisses me off. He said he loves me like a brother. Well, I wouldn’t treat a brother the way I got treated.”

Speaking about the recording of the Stereophonics‘ last album, ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’, Cable claimed that he had had less input than with the previous records.

He said: “Kelly had already written the songs, he’d already done some drum machine parts, Richard had put some bass on them, and what was left? Join the dots. Which was cool by me because I’d got to the stage of ‘If that’s the way it’s going to be, so be it.”

“I thought the record was OK, not a great one,” Cable told icWales. “The early stuff was better, especially the first and second albums. And I’ve been surprised since I left the band, to have people come up to me, people in the business as well as fans, and say the same.

“I thought the Stereophonics music was getting a bit bland,” he added. “The rock stuff on the last album was few and far between.”

Describing his former bandmate, Cable : “You’ll never change Kelly. He doesn’t compromise, he doesn’t delegate, you do it the Kelly Jones way or not at all. We’d go for ages being best friends then not speak for months. We were friends since childhood but you drift apart, people’s lives change.”


Cable is now getting ready to present his new radio show on BBC Radio Wales – ‘Cable Rock’ – which hits the airwaves on May 3 at 7pm.