Stuart Cable's replacement is announced...

STEREOPHONICS have replaced drummer STUART CABLE, NME.COM can reveal.

Cable was sacked from the band last year leaving him “stunned” after the other two members said that “commitment-wise there have been issues” since the group were working on their 2003 album ’You Gotta Go There To Come Back’.

Now the band have announced that Argentinian drummer Javier Weyler will join the band. The group met the drummer when they were recording demos, and again last year during a trip to his native country.

Singer Kelly Jones said “We were at this club, it was rockin’, everyone having a good time, and then the owner invited us to this private house party where lots of musicians go there to play – three floors, each floor getting darker and a little seedier the higher up they got. That’s where we met Javier.”

The band are currently working on their new album, which is titled ‘Language. Sex. Violence. Other?’ and due for release next year.