Stuart Cable gets payout…

STUART CABLE has finally resolved his legal feud with his former [url=]STEREOPHONICS bandmates.

The drummer and founder member of the band was sacked in 2003 over ‘commitment issues’ and a bitter war of words erupted.

Now, Cable has told Wales On Sunday that a financial settlement has been reached over the sacking.

He said: “We’ve finally come to some sort of arrangement, but it’s still all in the hands of the lawyers at the moment. There’s a lot of paperwork to go through, so I can’t really say anymore.”

Stereophonics‘ management confirmed that negotiations had been taking place, but were unwilling to make a statement.

Meanwhile, Cable is in the process of recruiting a new band. “We’re still looking for a singer but we’ve got four or five songs written – it’ll be much heavier than [url=]Stereophonics, I’ll tell you that.”