Thom Yorke is a "miserable twat", they say...

Stereophonics have launched a scathing broadside at Radiohead accusing them of being whining, pampered stars and calling Thom Yorke a “miserable twat.”

Speaking to Irish magazine Hot Press ahead of their 80,000 capacity headline show at Slane Castle on Saturday (August 24) all three members went on the offensive against Radiohead.

When asked what they thought of them and other bands who complain about their lot, frontman Kelly Jones said:

“While cashing their latest royalty cheque? We can all relate to that video – y’know, having to do a hundred fucking idents for radio stations – but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to walk round and be a miserable twat to everybody, which is what Thom Yorke is mostly. I’ve seen him at festivals looking like the world’s about to end.

“I suspect that Thom Yorke was a moany bastard long before Radiohead,” added drummer Stuart Cable. “The business only changes you if you let it. They can step off the treadmill any time they want. If being in Stereophonics was affecting our sanity that much, we’d tell V2, ‘Sorry lads, we’re off on holiday’.”

Bassist Richard Jones stirred up the debate further saying: “With them, you can tell they’ve never had a proper job. We had to work for money, whereas they’re from well-to-do families. They never had to get up at 7.30 in the morning and do shit. Or if they did, it was probably a part-time job so they could go off skiing with their mates at Christmas. Believe me, coming from our background, being in a band is the best fucking job in the world!”

This latest rock-star spat comes a couple of weeks after Oasis and Starsailor locked horns in their “cock” fight. Then, Noel Gallagher had called Starsailor mainman a “cock” and a “fucking student” for taking too seriously previous remarks he had made about him.