Stereophonics announce new album ‘Scream Above The Sounds’ and share its lead single

Listen to the band's new banger 'All In One Night' now.

Stereophonics have announced their 10th studio album, ‘Scream Above The Sounds’.

The Welsh band’s follow-up to 2015’s ‘Keep The Village Alive’ will be released on November 3. To accompany the announcement, Stereophonics have shared the album’s lead single ‘All In One Night’. Check it out below.


Discussing the album with NME earlier this year, frontman Kelly Jones said: “It’s a pretty big sounding record, as in it’s pretty anthemic.”

“It’s got a lot of different sounds, it’s a very contemporary-sounding record. It sounds like us doing whatever it is we do in our 20th year,” he added. “I dunno, there are ten songs on the album and they all sound different from each other, it’s just exciting to bring out some new music and play some new music.”

Jones also spoke about the album’s lyrics, saying: “The climate of the world is very upside down right now, it’s all a bit bonkers, [so] I try to write through my own experiences of it. I’m a very observational kind of writer. I write from the people’s point of view: the working classes.”

He continued: “If it’s politics involved in my songs, then it’s usually written through the perspective of a person, often myself, as opposed to literally talking about the powers that be. I’ve got the ‘people on the street view’ on things which is how I live my life really.”

The album’s track list is as follows:

‘Caught By The Wind’
‘Taken A Tumble’
‘What’s All The Fuss About?’
‘All In One Night’
‘Chances Are’
‘Before Anyone Knew Our Name’
‘Would You Believe?’
Cryin’ In Your Beer’
‘Boy On A Bike’