Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones opens up on his teenage son’s gender transition

"Now she has gone from Bootsy transitioning into Colby.”

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones has opened up on his teenage child’s gender transition in a new interview.

The musician was taking part in the most recent edition of Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast, where he explained that his 15-year-old daughter Lolita Bootsy was now identifying as a boy named Colby.

“For me, I had no clue or understanding about any of that stuff and as a family, it’s been playing catch-up,” Jones said.


“I had found out Bootsy was going through her own sexuality situation and I could tell that was going on for a while and she was asking me questions about this, that and the other.

“Bootsy then worked out it wasn’t just a sexuality thing it was a gender thing and it was more and more about transitioning really. So now she has gone from Bootsy transitioning into Colby.”

The singer also said that he initially experienced a period of “mourning” for Bootsy, and explained: “For a while, it was just becoming more intense and I remember getting upset one night, and I sounded like an animal, because I couldn’t work out what was going on.

“You actually go through a grieving process because you feel like you’ve lost a daughter and gained a son.


“Then you’re responsible for the siblings, and how they’re going to deal with it, and the grandparents.”

Jones added: “Now I don’t feel like I’ve lost anybody at all… Colby’s in the house, his sister Misty made him a painting for Christmas with the word ‘Colby’ on it. All these little sweet things.”

You can listen to the full discussion above.

Last year, Jones revealed that Stereophonics’ track ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ had been inspired by Colby coming out as gay. “[The song] was inspired by my and Bootsy’s story,” he said. “I wrote a treatment and showed it to Bootsy, who is gay, and asked, ‘Is this accurate to what you were experiencing?’ Boots said it was.”

Meanwhile, Kelly Jones recently recalled how David Bowie had inspired him to pen Stereophonics’ hit single ‘Dakota‘.


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