Stereophonics respond to Bob Dylan being a fan of their music

Dylan recently praised the band in an interview

Stereophonics have responded to Bob Dylan recently proclaiming himself as a fan of their band.

Dylan praised the Welsh group during a rare interview in May. Speaking in an interview on his website surrounding the release of his 38th LP ‘Triplicate’, Dylan was asked about his favourite “recent” artists, listing Stereophonics as one of them.

“It’s very surreal,” frontman Kelly Jones has now told Rolling Stone of Dylan’s compliment. “You know, I was brought up with two older brothers and they used to play stuff like Creedence and Neil Young and Dylan all the time when I was a kid. So when I heard him namecheck us I was very kind of nervous [about] if it was true, and then very, very flattered.”


Jones added: “Because I’ve spent a long time trying to writing lyrics that mean something to myself, and that hopefully other people can then relate to. So to have something like that come from a guy who’s kind of the Shakespeare of music? It’s very… it’s a jab in the arm for sure. It’s encouraging, you know?”

‘Scream Above the Sounds’, Stereophonics’ 10th album, is out on October 27. It’s their follow-up to 2015’s chart-topping ‘Keep The Village Alive’.

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones
Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones

Speaking to NME about what to expect from the record, Jones said: “I think we’ve had a really good run with the last few albums, they’ve been really well received and the shows have been good. The audiences have been getting bigger and more diverse – there’s like 16 and 17-year-old kids in the front row which is really good for us. We’re starting to find new people at our shows as well as having people that have been following the band for a long time.”

“The last few records and this one are quite varied, they’ve just been a series of work we’ve been doing since we’ve had our own little place to work and record. We’ve been making a lot of music over there and the albums are more like collections of work that we’ve recorded rather than going into the studio to make albums. We’re just recording, taking the best ones and working as a group really.”


Asked about his lyrical inspiration, Jones replied: “I’ve always written about things that I’m going through, experience and people’s experiences around me. The climate of the world is very upside down right now, it’s all a bit bonkers I try to write through my own experiences of it. I’m very observational kind of writer. I write from the people’s point of view. The working classes. If it’s politics involved in my songs then it’s usually written through the perspective of a person, often myself, as opposed to literally talking about the powers that be. I’ve got the ‘people on the street view’ on things which is how I live my life really. I hang out with normal people and that’s what inspires me really.”