Steve Mason accuses Samsung of copying The Beta Band on new advert

Singer criticises 'outrageous plagiarism'

Steve Mason has accused Samsung of copying The Beta Band on a new advert.

Mason, a founding member of The Beta Band, claims that the electronic company’s commercial for a new model of TV copies the concept of the group’s 2004 single ‘Assesment’ and described the advert as “outrageous plagiarism”.

The Beta Band video shows a variety of soldiers from different eras and cultures – including Roman centurions – running down a beach with army helicopters hovering above. The Samsung advert, meanwhile, also shows a wide range of people – including centurions – racing down a beach, too, as well as including a shot of an army helicopter. You can watch both videos at the bottom of the page.


Speaking to CMU, Mason said: “This is outrageous plagiarism being passed off as original work. But what can you do? It’s happened to The Beta Band before and to many other artists. A huge company or huge artist steals your original idea and passes it off as their own… Very frustrating. The advert will probably win an award!”

NME contacted Samsung for a statement with the company claiming their advert was influenced by Hollywood: “We value creativity in every form and believe in giving credit where it is due. To visually illustrate our innovative S Recommendation technology, we developed an engaging commercial with our partner which is inspired by the myriad of dramatic scenes in Hollywood movies.”

Mason released his most recent solo album, ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’, in March of this year. Describing the record as ‘political’, it featured 20 tracks and was the follow-up to 2010’s Boys Outside’ and 2011’s dub re-working ‘Ghosts Outside’. He is set to perform at this year’s Øya Festival, which takes place in Oslo, Norway from August 6 – 10. Other acts on the bill include Blur, The Knife, Alabama Shakes and Azealia Banks.