Beta Band’s Steve Mason plots to storm parliament during Glastonbury set

Singer plays career-spanning festival set

Steve Mason played a suitably chilled-out set on The Park Stage as temperatures soared at Glastonbury this afternoon (June 25) – before encouraging the crowd to storm parliament.

Taking to the small stage in shorts and backed by a three-piece band, the former Beta Band leader played a selection of songs from recent solo album ‘Boys Outside’, plus delved further back into career.

“This quite old one from back in the King Biscuit Time days,” he explained before mixing ‘All Over You’ with the likes of ‘The Letter’, ‘Am I Just A Man’ and the title track from his new record.


“It’s bit better up here, down there is mayhem-ville, here there’s space and food,” said Mason about The Park, before raising the temperature with a revolutionary call to arms.

“This next song is about marching on parliament, not a protest but with petrol bombs, smashing the place down and starting again,” he told the crowd before ‘C I Am’. “Are you with me? OK, after this meet me outside.”

He then dipped into the Beta Band‘s material, introducing a solo acoustic version of ‘Dr Baker’ as “a very old one from the dawn of time”.

Mason then finished up with King Biscuit Time‘s ‘I Walk The Earth’, reminding the crowd to “never ever forget to fight the fucking power!”

Steve Mason played:

‘Lost And Found’
‘Am I Just A man’
‘All Over You’
‘The Letter’
‘Boys Outside’
‘All Come Down’
‘C I Am’
‘Dr Baker’
‘I Walk The Earth


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