Apparently Steve-O managed to keep other prisoners amused during his incarceration in Sweden...

STEVE-O has been fined and released from prison after pleading guilty to possession of drugs in SWEDEN.

The ‘Jackass’ star was arrested on suspicion of allegedly smuggling drugs into the country, after he said in interviews that he had swallowed a condom with marijuana in it before travelling from Oslo to Stockholm last week.

As previously reported on NME.COM he was detained by police who raided his hotel room last week (May 22). At a court hearing on May 25, he was ordered to be detained in the city until June 6, but successfully appealed on the grounds that he would be prevented from making his living – he is currently on the European leg of his ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ tour – and that, because of his celebrity status, it would be impossible for him to go into hiding.


Yesterday (May 27), he pleaded guilty to possessing five grams of marijuana and one ecstasy tablet , though he maintained he had no idea how the ecstasy came to be in his room, and has now been allowed to continue his tour after paying a fine of 45,500 kronor (around £3,500).

In a statement issued to NME.COM, Steve-O’s attorney Jason Berk said: “Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of this matter. It was unfortunate that Steve-O was detained for such a long period of time, but now he can move forward with the tour and begin shooting for his new television show. Steve-O extends his gratitude for all the support that he has received throughout this ordeal and he’s in good spirits.”

He added that the charges to which Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, pleaded guilty were considered minor offences in Sweden, and carried no potential custodial sentence.

During his five-day detention prior to the case being resolved, the stuntman was detained in solitary confinement, and his bowel movements were collected in a plastic bag and analysed by police. During his court appearance, Steve-O made reference to the specimen collection through his interpreter standing before the judge, that anything which had police digging through his faeces was “hilarious.”

His spokesperson said that his comments were unappreciated by the court, but the jailers told his attorney that he kept them laughing and remained cheerful throughout his detention.

Regarding the foreign object which showed up on an earlier x-ray of Steve-O’s midriff it has become clear that there it is not contraband, but remains “unidentified.”


His tour continues in Helsinki, Finland this week, and he returns to the USA in July to appear on the Lollapallooza tour.