Police raid the Jackass star's hotel room in Sweden...

‘JACKASS’ star STEVE-O has been arrested in SWEDEN on alleged drugs offences.

The stunt-man’s hotel room in Stockholm was raided by police after he told Swedish press that he swallowed marijuana and hash in a condom to smuggle it from Oslo to Stockholm while on his ‘Don’t Try This At Home Tour’. He was taken into custody on Thursday (May 22) and X-rayed, and police claimed to have found a “foreign object” in his body. They also claim that ecstasy and marijuana were found in his room, according to a report on

His lawyer strenuously denied the allegations, saying: “To the best of my knowledge, there were no drugs found either in his hotel room or on his person. The Swedish authorities’ only basis for believing that any wrongdoing occurred is derived from comments made by an outrageous entertainer boasting about a ‘stunt.'”

He continued: “There’s nothing evidencing that he had any involvement with drugs other than entertaining e-mails sent to his fans and outlandish statements made to the press. There is no evidence to show that the stunt actually occurred, or if it occurred, that Steve-O engaged in any type of wrongful activities. It should be remembered that this is a person who has historically made outlandish claims as part of his performance art and as a pop icon. I believe this to be a major misunderstanding and a failure to differentiate between the person and his art.”

A detention hearing has been scheduled for this weekend.

The sentence for smuggling drugs into Sweden is between two to 10 years in prison.