Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks says she regrets never performing with Prince

Nicks worked with Prince on her 1983 solo hit 'Stand Back'

Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks has admitted that she regrets never sharing a stage with Prince.

Nicks wrote her 1983 solo hit ‘Stand Back’ after being inspired by hearing Prince’s single ‘Little Red Corvette’ on the radio. She later persuaded Prince to play the synth part on the song, which went on to reach the US Top 5, though the Purple One is not officially credited on the track.

During an interview with Billboard, Nicks said that she is “brokenhearted” that the pair never got to perform the song together while Prince was alive.


“Had I ever in a million years thought that we would lose him, I would have made sure that that would have happened,” she said. “And it didn’t. So that’s just one of those things in your life where you so say, ‘I really missed out.’ Because he should have. That should have happened.”

Nicks, who is preparing to begin a two-month solo tour of North America in October, added: “So whenever I play ‘Stand Back’ from this day forward, Prince will be standing next to me. That is always going to be a joy.”

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