Stevie Wonder calls for more blind-friendly technology

Soul legend encourages companies to make changes

Stevie Wonder has called for technology companies to make products more suited for use by the blind.

The soul legend, who is famously blind himself, told BBC programme ‘Click’ that he thought companies could make small changes to their designs that would make big differences to people with impaired vision.

“Being more accessible is always a plus,” he said. “For various companies that are working with this technology and making it exciting and accessible for people who can see, it would take very little to make it accessible to everyone.

“I encourage all the manufacturers to do that. When you can… make it accessible and make it possible, you should just include that in the overall picture.”

He added: “You have a growing number of people, aging people that will need things to be more accessible as well as the hundreds of thousands of blind people in the world – so just let’s keep it real.”