Stevie Wonder calls on Biden administration to launch commission on racial inequality

"You would not believe the lack of progress; it makes me physically sick"

Stevie Wonder has shared an open letter on Martin Luther King Jr day (January 18) in which he urges the incoming Joe Biden administration to launch a commission on inequality.

The singer shone light on racial issues on MLK day today (a federal holiday that marks the late civil rights activist’s birthday) by making an emotional speech in a four-minute video.

In the clip Wonder reminisces about meeting Dr King when he was 14 years old, hailing him a “true hero and inspiration”.


But the musician says that the “needle has not moved one iota” for racial equality. He tells an imagined King that “you would not believe the lack of progress; it makes me physically sick”.

Wonder continues: “I am sick that truth is struggling to be heard and defended. Those who promote lies and false truth must be held accountable. It is the only way we can move forward.”

The iconic musician then asks for the Biden-Harris administration to launch a formal investigation to “establish the truth of inequality in this country” and recommend conciliation.

“Without truth, we cannot have accountability. Without accountability, we cannot have forgiveness. Without forgiveness, we cannot heal,” he says.

Wonder’s plea comes on the same day that artists including Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Khalid, T.I., Vic Mensa, Ty Dolla $ign and more urged the Biden-Harris administration to initiate a racial justice initiative during its first 100 days in office [via Complex].


The Black Music Action Coalition has joined forces with #breathewithme Revolution for the move, and posted a video titled ‘17 More Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America’ to kick off the initiative.

MigosOffset and Quavo, 070 Shake, and Summer Walker are also seen in the campaign video listing the names of victims of police brutality.

Meanwhile, Biden is to be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday (January 20). Lady Gaga is set to sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at the ceremony.

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