Stevie Wonder shares election day video message: “We still have the choice to love or hate”

"We cannot continue to be a divided United States"

Stevie Wonder has shared an election day video message to Americans titled ‘The Universe Is Watching Us – What Happens Next…’.

Wonder shared his message today (November 3), while the votes for both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were being tallied.

After opening with a short tune on a harpejji, Wonder discussed “what happens next, after all the votes are counted, debated and litigated”.


“We still have the choice to love or hate, to show compassion or show contempt, to advocate peace or violence,” he said in the video.

“No matter who wins, we can still choose how this country will look and feel. We cannot continue to be a divided United States. We must heal – and how do we heal? We treat the pain, the hurt, the wound, the illness.”

Watch Wonder’s full speech below:

“You know, this country has never had an honest and meaningful discussion on the entitlement and reparations for slavery,” he continued.

“So America, we gotta fix this. We gotta make this work. This pain will not go away until we face our truth. Pain for the past and for the present. We have been unkind to each other and we need to stop because we’re all humans trying to live our best lives.”


Wonder recently performed a short set on Monday (November 2) at a drive-in rally in Detroit, where he showed support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The R&B icon kicked off a four-song set with ‘Higher Ground’, before heading straight into new tracks ‘Can’t Put It In The Hands of Fate’ and ‘Where Is Our Love Song’ – his first new songs in 15 years.