Slash responds to rumours that Guns N’ Roses are on the new ‘Terminator’ soundtrack – and gives a promising new album update

"Obviously, everybody knows that we're working on new material, which is really exciting, and so, that's really primarily what the focus is."

Guns N’ Roses‘ guitarist Slash has responded to rumours that the band will be joining forces with the team behind Terminator once again to lend a track to the forthcoming sequel – as well as providing a promising update on the band’s new album.

The rock veterans famously leant the iconic track ‘You Could Be Mine’ to Terminator 2: Judgment Day back in 1991, with Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in character in the music video to square up against the band.

Earlier this month, the fan group Australian GN’R community posted on Facebook that sources close to the band have penned a new song for the upcoming sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise.


“A source who was working on Terminator: Dark Fate has informed that four members of Guns N’ Roses went to a private viewing of a rough copy of the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger sequel movie to see if they want to put a song on the soundtrack,” the fans claim.

“Apparently, Slash was at Axl’s house to record overdubs on a song for the rush release. At this point the song name is unknown. But yes 100% verified. Guns N’ Roses new music.”

GnR approached for song on T3 soundtrack ?Rumour?

Posted by GUNS OVER OZ – Australian Guns N' Roses fans. on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Now in an interview with SiriusXM, guitar icon Slash has downplayed the reports.

“There’s nothing in the Terminator movie,” he said. “These rumours, they take off and then they get a life of their own. And you can’t reel ’em in. They just sort of get tossed around in the wind. Anyway, but, yeah, so there’s nothing in there, in that.”


As for the band’s plans for the immediate future, Slash revealed: “We’re just doing this one run [of shows] in the States and a couple of dates in Mexico end of this month into November. And so that’s it for Guns for now. And I think we have something coming up in March as far as touring is concerned.

“Obviously, everybody knows that we’re working on new material, which is really exciting, and so, that’s really primarily what the focus is.”

He continued: “I think at the end of the day, everybody wants to have a full album released. I don’t think that’s really changed all that much. But there’s a different way of putting stuff out initially nowadays more so than… I mean, there’s always been the single, but now you sort of look at that preliminary release a little bit differently now. All things considered, it’s like the Wild West out there; there is no formula for any of it.

“I haven’t seen any routine kind of thing that works. I mean, you can do any one of a million different things to releasing a record. But at the end of the day, I think that we will ultimately release a full album.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash

Guns N’ Roses last album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, was released in 2008. The reunited ‘classic’ line-up of Rose, Slash, McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler previously recorded together on 1987’s ‘Appetite For Destruction’.

Back in June, Slash said that the band were “just getting started” on a new record.

“You know, by the time it gets to the place where anybody’s read it, it’s morphed into something more than what I directly said,” Slash said. “There is material that Axl’s [Rose, vocals] been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together.

“The whole thing of Guns N’ Roses getting in the studio and getting this record done – with myself and with Duff [McKagan, bass] and all that – it’s really just getting started. So it’s really hard to say.”

Bassist Duff McKagan confirmed GN’R were working on a new album with their classic line-up in February. “There’s never been a direct schedule on how we do things,” he said in a radio interview. “I’ve heard some magnificent stuff that Axl has, really cool stuff he’s been working on. So I’m excited about the possibilities of that, of course.”

Terminator: Dark Fate is due for release on October 23 in the UK. Check out all the photos, trailers, rumours and everything we know about the film here.

NME has contacted Guns N’ Roses to respond to the claims.