Sting to sell wines from his Italian vineyard

The Police star tries his hand at gardening

Sting has announced that he intends to sell wine from his Italian vineyard on the international market.

The Police frontman has reportedly produced approximately 30,000 bottles of wine on his property 19 miles south of Florence, which he intends to sell in the US and the UK beginning in September.

Since purchasing the 16th-century villa in 1997, Sting has turned the surrounding 860 acres into an organic farm that produces grapes, olive oil, honey, fruit, vegetables and Tuscan salami, reports the Associated Press.


“When I came here to Figline I wanted first of all to feed my family,” Sting said on a local television broadcast earlier this week.

“I also wanted to use agriculture with practices that would nourish the land and not deplete the land and so we went to traditional methods with farming, we got rid of pesticides, we shunned monoculture, and it works, the farm is also a garden.”

The wine Sting will be selling does not yet have a name, but will be a 2007 vintage based on the Sangiovese grape, with elements of Cabernet and Merlot.

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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