The former Police frontman is reported to be up in arms over planned military building near his Wiltshire home...

STING is reported to be considering suing the UK’s Ministry of Defence over a planned airbase expansion close to his home.

According to a report at [url=], Sting, who lives in Amesbury, Wiltshire, has teamed up with local residents to oppose the expansion at Boscombe Down, as they claim it is in breach of their human rights.

The MoD say they do not require any planning permission for the expansion, as it is a military development, but the local residents believe they will win a public inquiry into the proposed expansion.


A spokesperson for the airbase said “concerns have been raised”, but added: “It’s not been a violent reaction. We have developed a good and productive relationship with the community and we will do anything to protect that…We would be very happy for Sting to come around for a briefing – at least he would be in full charge of the facts.”

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