Egyptian star Hakim takes exception to the veteran rocker's performance...

STING‘s controversial gig in front of the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA last night (April 25) was interrupted by a stage invasion from a disgruntled local musician.

Hakim, an Egyptian star, stormed the stage as Sting was introduced, claiming it was his turn to sing and declaring: “Whoever is willing to accept the insult of an Egyptian in Egypt can stay.” Some of the audience left, while others chanted Hakim’s name.

Organisers said that Hakim had missed his slot – he was due to appear an hour before Sting, the BBC reports. There had been a 90-minute gap in the concert programme before Sting‘s set.

He was joined by guest vocalist Cheb Mami for a duet on the single ‘Desert Rose’. A third of the proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestine, a UK charity.

The show stirred up controversy among archaeologists, who said that the show could damage the 4,600-year-old pyramids and the nearby sphinx.

Two concerts have previously been held at the site – one by The Grateful Dead in 1977 and the other by Jean Michel Jarre at the Millennium.