That's the American leader, of course. Not the British rock band. Or, indeed, a shrub...

STING is the latest high-profile musician to attack the policies of new US president GEORGE W BUSH, particularly his decision to ditch an international agreement designed to block global warming.

Sting told the New York Daily News that he was concerned by President Bush’s decision to opt out of the Kyoto Agreement – signed by former President Bill Clinton and many of the world’s leaders in a bid to curtail emissions of dangerous gases into the atmosphere.

“I’m concerned about him generally,” he said. “I’m not sure he really understands a lot of issues. He seems to be given his lines by other people.

“Bush said there was no scientific proof for it, but he says he believes in God, and as far as I know there is no scientific proof of that either.”

However, Sting, who has previously campaigned to maintain Amazonian forests, was under no illusions about how easy it would be the put the world to rights.

“I’m a singer. I do not have a political voice in this country,” he said. “It’s up to you guys to change things. I don’t think Bush is at the helm of anything. That’s my impression of him. I hope I’m wrong.”