Two management companies kick off what looks like being a bitter fight...

A legal wrangle between two of Sting‘s former management companies over #5 million of the star’s earnings got underway at the HIGH COURT in LONDON today (October 16).

London-based management company, Firststars Ltd and its boss, Miles Copeland, is asking a judge to throw out a claim against them from Devon-based Kim Russell Turner‘s KRT Productions Ltd for an estimated #5 million slice of Sting‘s earnings since 1997.

Turner and his company say they were involved in a joint management deal with Copeland and his company stretching back to 1980, when they managed Sting and his former group Police, who split up in 1984. Copeland is brother of Police drummer Stewart.


Turner claims he has been cut out of a deal under which he says he is entitled to a share of Sting?s earnings. According to court documents, these earnings include a $3-$6 million advance to Sting under a new contract with A&M Records, $8-10 million from a sponsorship deal with Compaq computers and $9 million due to him in respect of under-accounting of past royalties.

However, Turner and KRT claim that since June 1997, Copeland and Firststars have refused to pay them in accordance with the joint agreement and have launched a High Court claim seeking a declaration they are entitled to be paid sums which are estimated to be at least #5 million.

Today, at the High Court, Copeland and his company asked Deputy Judge Kevin Garnett QC to strike out the claim as having no prospect of succeeding. The hearing continues.

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