Sting and Peter Gabriel announce joint ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ tour

US dates will see the pair perform separately and together

Sting and Peter Gabriel will tour together in the US on a tour they have dubbed the “The Rock Paper Scissors tour”.

The live dates will see Sting and Gabriel perform solo sets and also as a duo. Each night will see one half of the pair perform a solo set with the decision as to who that is decided on the night.

Introducing the concept of the tour in a video you can see below, Sting says: “We will start together. We’ll do two songs together, and then we’ll choose who will do a set on their own, 15/ 20 minutes, and then we’ll come together again.”

At present, the tour will only include dates in North America. The jaunt begins on June 21 at the Nationwide Arena on Columbus, Ohio and ends in Edmonton, Alberta on July 24.

The news of a tour with Sting perhaps dashes hopes of a Genesis reunion for 2016, something Gabriel had hinted was a possibility last year.

It also follows Peter Gabriel’s announcement in December that he is to take part in a new experiment aiming to determine whether monkeys would use video technology to communicate with each other.

Gabriel will work with the Monkey World rescue centre and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the Interspecies Internet project.

It is not known what part Gabriel will play in the experiment, as a spokesperson for Monkey World said the plans were still at an early stage and they could not comment further.