Matt Sorum remembers Velvet Revolver bandmate Scott Weiland in emotional radio interview – listen

Sorum compares Weiland to 'a family member that maybe you didn’t get along with great, but you still love them'

Scott Weiland’s former bandmate Matt Sorum has paid tribute to the late frontman, who passed away last week.

Weiland was found dead on his tour bus in Minnesota on Friday. A cause of death is yet to be established.

Sorum was the drummer in supergroup Velvet Revolver, who were originally fronted by Weiland. He was also the drummer for Guns N’ Roses between 1990 and 1997.

The drummer called Matt Pinfield’s SiriusXM show over the weekend to speak about Weiland. In an emotional phone call, he spoke about the moment he found out about his friend dying, and the shock.

“I don’t know how I felt initially. I can’t say it was a shock, but it was definitely… I wasn’t expecting it because I felt like Scott was gonna be here hopefully longer than this,” Sorum said.

“When I started to kind of process the feelings – I mean, people know that, in the end, obviously we had our differences and the band split up. But the wave of emotions that you feel is more like a family member. It’s like if you had a family member that maybe you didn’t get along with great, but you still love them. That’s the feeling,” he explained.

“In the end, I just want the world to know that I feel like I made my peace with him,” he added later. “Scott was definitely one of the greatest, one of the greatest for sure. I want people to focus on that part. I want people to look at the music.”

Listen to Sorum talk to Matt Pinfield below:

Since his death, tributes have come in from musicians Weiland has worked with and those he inspired, including Ryan Adams, Krist Novoselic and Dave Navarro.

Scott Weiland’s Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots bandmates have also paid tribute to their former frontman in the past 24 hours.

Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz paid tribute to their former frontman with a statement on Facebook, which read, “Let us start by saying thank you for sharing your life with us. Together we crafted a legacy of music that has given so many people happiness and great memories.

“The memories are many, and they run deep for us. We know amidst the good and the bad you struggled, time and time again. It’s what made you who you were. You were gifted beyond words, Scott. Part of that gift was part of your curse.

“With deep sorrow for you and your family, we are saddened to see you go. All of our love and respect. We will miss you brother.”