Scott Weiland’s widow makes £45,000 claim against the singer’s estate

The claim is based on a 2013 prenuptial agreement

Jamie Wachtel Weiland, the widow of late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, is claiming $64,000 (£45,000) against his estate, based on a prenuptial agreement made ahead of the pair’s wedding in 2013.

Weiland passed away after taking what a medical report called a “toxic mix of drugs”, in December last year.

TMZ are reporting a ‘cut and dry’ prenuptial agreement between the pair that required the singer to deposit a (gradually-inflating) $2,000 into an account every month, with the widow claiming Weiland made only two of the required payments before his death.


The exact amount owed is stated as $64,406, a figure that includes a 7% increase in the amount annually. The agreement is also said to have included a waiver to any right Jamie Wachtel Weiland had to spousal support should the marriage end, leaving the widow no rights to her late husband’s estate outside of the agreed prenup figure.

Weiland’s second wife Mary Forsberg – the mother of his children – has applied to be the executor of his will, with Blabbermouth estimating the value of the estate at $2 million.


Meanwhile, Weiland’s former band – who lost his replacement Chester Bennington back to Linkin Park late last year – are making progress in their search for a new singer.

A statement earlier today (April 5) on the band’s Facebook page gave an update on the search, saying:

“The three of us have chosen and are auditioning some very talented people. Auditions will start on April 18. We are thrilled to get in a room with each of these very talented individuals.”