Hear Stone Temple Pilots’ 1994 cover of an obscure Beach Boys song

Recording of ‘She Knows Me Too Well’ features on a new deluxe edition of ‘Purple’

Stone Temple Pilots have released a cover of the Beach Boys’ deep cut ‘She Knows Me Too Well’, which they recorded in 1994. It is one of the rarities packaged with an upcoming deluxe edition of ‘Purple’, which marks the record’s 25th anniversary. The reissue is due out October 18.

The San Diego band’s rendition of ‘She Knows Me Too Well’ strips away the signature Beach Boys’ vocal harmonies for a simple take with the late Scott Weiland’s vocals, guitar and shuffling percussion. Hear it below:


Stone Temple Pilots recorded their cover of the song – which the Beach Boys first released in 1964 as the B-side to their single ‘When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)’ – during the ‘Purple’ sessions, bassist Robert DeLeo told Rolling Stone.

“That song and ‘Pretty Penny’ were both done during a field trip we did at one of [‘Purple’ producer] Brendan O’Brien’s friends’ houses,” DeLeo said. “We recorded them in the living room of his house on a 2 inch 8-track live tape.”

“There are certain obscure Beach Boys songs that have always been some of my favourites, including ‘She Knows Me Too Well’,” he added. “When I first played that one for Scott, he really fell in love with it, so I suggested that we cover it.”

‘She Knows Me Too Well’ features on the deluxe edition alongside other early versions of ‘Purple’ cuts, demos and acoustic tracks. The band previously released a remastered acoustic version of ‘Big Empty’. Stream it below:


The reissue also features a remastered version of the ‘Purple’ album, three songs from Stone Temple Pilots’ live set at KROQ’s 1994 Acoustic Christmas concert and a full, previously unreleased recording of a 1994 show in New Haven, Connecticut, which featured both electric and acoustic sets. Hear the live recording of STP’s hit, ‘Interstate Love Song’, from that New Haven show below: