A Californian court determines Scott Weiland's recent arrest violated his probation...

SCOTT WEILAND has been ordered into drug rehabilitation by a judge.

A court in Pasadena, California, has determined that an arrest for driving under the influence violated his probation following an earlier arrest.

The troubled star, formerly singer with the Stone Temple Pilots, who only recently was congratulated by a court for staying clean during his recovery programme, was sent into a six-month recovery programme following his most recent arrest, according to MTV.

Weiland must now undergo a seven-to-ten day detox at the Grandview Centre in Pasadena, before entering a lockdown rehabilitation programme involving group therapy and chores.

He will however be granted a supervised four-hour block over a ten-day period beginning on November 7 to complete his vocal parts on his new album with Velvet Revolver – the band he formed with former members of [a][/a].

Weiland was arrested in Los Angeles on Monday (October 27) for driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, the substance is believed to have been a narcotic.

Weiland’s next scheduled probation status report is January 9.