After their surprise London show at the weekend, the revitalised grunge rockers head back over the pond soon...

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS have three UK dates lined up as part of a European tour for August.

The band, whose frontman Scott Weiland and guitarist Dean DeLeo played in front of a UK audience for the first time in six years at London club Saint Moritz on Saturday (June 9) when they performed a ten-song acoustic set, will bring their full line-up to:

London Astoria (August 21)

Nottingham Rock City (22)

Glasgow Barrowland (23)

In addition, they appear at various festivals in Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands – for full details check their website www.stonetemplepilots.com.

Speaking to NME.COM in London yesterday (June 11), Weiland admitted to having felt apprehensive about their return, revealing that he had been worried when he heard that Weezer were playing two nights at the Astoria. But he said that his fears had been allayed when he saw the turn-out of fans at Saturday’s gig, where fans had been queuing throughout the day in a bid to get into the 140-capacity club.

He explained: “We were talking about maybe doing shows together and they mentioned that they were also playing the Astoria and they’d booked two nights, and we had just booked one, and all of a sudden I started getting really nervous and worried. They haven’t been over here for five or six years either, why aren’t we playing two nights, does ITB our booking agent not have enough confidence that we could do well? But we are kind drama queens in a sense.”

He continued: “We always tend to be our harshest critics and also to worry a lot about things, even if there’s nothing to worry about, we manufacture things to worry about. So we’d created this horrible scenario in our heads [before Saturday’s gig] that people would’ve forgotten and not care about us any more and then it would be like starting over completely from scratch again.

“But we had really warm reception and after our soundcheck we went out to the line where people had been forming since morning and talked to the kids out there and it was really nice to see that people do still care.

“Now I think we are a little bit less fearful for when we come over and tour.”

A full video interview with Weiland will be posted on NME.COM next month, prior to the release of their new album ‘Shangri-La Dee Da’ on August 6.

The album will be preceded by a single, ‘Days Of The Week’, and fans are being given a preview of new songs through the official bandsite. Home videos of the band performing three tracks from the album in the Malibu villa where it was recorded will be posted at www.stonetemplepilots.com. The first, of ‘Days Of The Week’ went up on Friday (June 8), a second follows today (June 12) and a third will follow on Friday (June 15)

The album is also set to be streamed in its entirety on the site prior to release, and the entire band will take part in a live videochat to be broadcast online at Spinner.com, AOL’s music channel, on June 18 at 9pm Eastern Time (6am UK time).