Scott Weiland sentenced to a year

Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland has just spent his first weekend in a Los Angeles jail for violating probation.

On Friday (September 3), he appeared in court for Judge Larry P. Fidler to hand out the expected sentence of one year in jail. The judge had failed to be convinced by the many drug counsellors who testified Weiland was attempting to clean up.

The sentence comes after a long line of convictions for drug-related offences. Weiland has violated the terms of his probation several times since his original August 1998 conviction for heroin possession. This has led to a number of dismissals from the drug rehab centres he was obliged to attend. The last time this happened, the judge warned Weiland that next time he would be forced to hand out a year long jail sentence.


Judge Fidler said: “I have made up my mind in this case. Mr. Weiland, I wish you the best, but my optimism remains guarded.”

Weiland stared at the ground during sentencing, occasionally glancing back at assembled friends and family in the courtroom. These included Weiland‘s Stone Temple Pilots bandmates who declined to comment afterwards.

Though the band were set to release their fourth album, ‘No. 4’, this October, it is likely Weiland‘s unavailability will affect this.

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