Wanna direct the band's next video?....

Stone Temple Pilots are giving their fans a chance to have a hand in making the video for their next single, ‘NO WAY OUT’.

Four hundred fans are being given the opportunity to attend a private gig by the band and film them performing the single, taken from their last album ‘No. 4’.

The concert will take place at Los Angeles El Ray Theatre on September 24, and singer Scott Weiland revealed he wanted to create a ‘Kids’-style video, using footage filmed by the 400 fans as they get ready for the gig, travel the venue, and taking part in events before the live performance is filmed. The band will go on to play a full gig after the single has been shot.


Announcing the details on US radio station KROQ yesterday (September 18), Weiland also had a pop at Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera‘s glossy pop promos, saying: “We had been agonising over which way to go with the video in terms of direction and we were so noxious over the state of music videos today that we decided we should leave it up to our fans – the true rock music fans – who will have their part in turning back the tide of current Mouseketeer songs and dance shame.”

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