Stormzy calls out fan following alleged racial slur

Grime MC hits back at 'racist scum'

Grime MC Stormzy has publicly hit out at a fan over an alleged racial slur directed towards him online.

The Croydon native posted a screenshot on Twitter of a fan’s post regarding an apparent incident between the pair.

The individual had written: “Well not many people can say they met Stormzy face to face… he tried kicking off with me… Shame you didn’t get past your guards so I could snap your jaw you fucking jungle monkey”.

Stormzy tweeted the screenshot and said: “hopefully young lovely Joey here’s employer, university or mother can see this.”

“Love how Twitter comes together to air out racist scum… If you think I became a musician to tolerate man chucking out racist remarks you’ve lost your fucking mind,” he added.

See Stormzy’s tweets in full below.

Meanwhile, Stormzy has received the honour of his own custom burger on the Nando’s menu.

The MC had tweeted the chicken restaurant over the weekend with his recommendation for a burger consisting of halloumi cheese and garlic bread which already feature on their menu as individual side orders.

Nando’s got back to Stormzy with the news that they have now added the item to their menu and named it the #Merky burger after his trademark hashtag.