Nando’s give Stormzy his own #Merky burger

Grime MC called for halloumi cheese and garlic bread to be formally introduced to menu

Stormzy has received the honour of his own custom burger on the Nando’s menu.

The grime MC, who recently spoke to students at Oxford University, tweeted the chicken restaurant over the weekend with his reccomendation for a burger consisting of halloumi cheese and garlic bread which already feature on their menu as individual side orders.

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Earlier today (March 15) Nando’s got back to stormzy with the news that they have now added the item to their menu and named it the #Merky burger after his trademark hashtag.

There is no word yet as to whether the menu option will be available at Nando’s branches nationwide.

Having fun with national restaurant chains comes after Stormzy last made the headlines for criticising the lack of diversity at this year’s Brit Awards.

He commented on the lack of representation for grime artists in this year’s nominations, describing it as “such a shame”.

However, Stormzy has said that he remains optimistic of mainstream recognition for the genre: “It’s just a matter of breaking the doors down and carrying on”.


Listen to the interview in full below.

Stormzy recently freestyled over Charli XCX’s new single ‘Vroom Vroom’. Speaking about the singer on Beats 1, Stormzy said: “I feel like I know her because she’s bubbly, she’s a bit mad”.