Stormzy reveals what to expect from his debut album

Expect 'an aggy little shit with a bone to pick'

Stormzy has opened up about what to expect from his hotly-anticipated debut album – claiming that it will represent him as an ‘aggy little shit with a bone to pick’.

The ‘Shut Up’ rising grime star has released a string of huge singles as a lead and featured artist, as well as an EP and a mixtape. However, his rise to prominence has not yet seen him release an album.

“So much has already happened and I’m still on album one,” he told i-D. “Maybe I should be on my second album now but I’m not, this is where I am. Most people’s first albums, they’re not talking about touring the world and winning awards. I was meant to still be in the ends with this one. So my album is a treasure in itself because it’s coming from such an unusual position as a debut.”


He continued: “I can’t wait to get it out. I want to give the world a body of work that is Stormzy. That you can refer to it and say it’s Stormzy, in the same way you look at Illmatic and say that’s Nas or Boy In Da Corner and that was Dizzee, an aggy little shit with a bone to pick. So for me, you will hear Stormzy the son, the boyfriend, the brother, the bredrin, all of it. I will give you a moment in time in music.”

Stormzy also said that it was ‘important to express his opinion as an artist because he’s a black man‘ – adding that he’s ready to be a soldier. He’s previously made headlines for speaking out on institutionalised racism and police brutality, online racial slurs, as well as the BRIT Awards excluding grime. Earlier this year, there was a Twitter campaign to make him Prime Minister.


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