Stormzy addresses police brutality: “enough is enough”

The MC wrote a powerful statement on Facebook condemning the violence

Stormzy has responded to the recent police shootings in the US with an impassioned statement on Facebook.

The MC expressed solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement following the deaths of Anton Sterling, Philando Castille and at least two others at the hands of US law enforcement in the past week.

“I wish I had the answers to solve the f*ckery that’s going on right now but tbh I don’t have a clue…,” he wrote. “All I can do is urge everyone to do more, that’s what I’m going to do. Protest, march, donate, speak out, call out bullshit, build within your community, help those in need etc. Whatever it is that needs to be done.”


Stormzy goes on to urge against complacency towards police harassment in the UK.

“And don’t be the stupid idiot who thinks because we live in the UK that this isn’t an issue for us to take on, don’t be the stupid idiot who thinks because we live in the UK that black people don’t experience racism from the police, don’t be so flipping naive,” he writes.

“We have black brothers and sisters dying in the states and we’d be cowards to just brush it off, this is all of our problems. That could easily be me or my little brother or my sisters, I ain’t waiting for this poisonous, weak, racist, trigger happy mentality to spread around the world before we do something,” he added.

Read Stormzy’s full statement below.

Several prominent musicians were prompted to speak out following Sterling’s killing earlier this week. Both Drake and Beyoncé have posted open letters on social media condemning the police violence.