Stormzy apologises for past homophobic tweets

"I hope you can understand that my younger self doesn’t reflect who I am today"

Stormzy has spoken out to issue an apology after past tweets containing homophobic language resurfaced online.

As Pink News reports, around 19 tweets were found between 2011 and 2014 to contain homophobic language. Among them, he repeatedly used the terms “a faggot,” “fag” and “gay” in a negative  and derogatory context.

Now, the grime sensation has apologised for his past “ignorance”, accepting that his comments were “unacceptable and disgusting”.

“I said some foul and offensive things whilst tweeting years ago at a time when I was young and proudly ignorant,” said Stormzy on Twitter. “Very hurtful and discriminative views that I’ve unlearned as I’ve grown up and become a man.

“The comments I made were unacceptable and disgusting, full stop. Comments that I regret and to everyone I’ve offended, I am sorry, these are attitudes I’ve left in the past. The homophobic language I used was, embarrassingly, a part of my vocabulary when I was younger and ignorance made me feel comfortable to use them whilst not understanding the hate and the ramifications they carry. That isn’t an excuse, I take responsibility for my mistakes and hope you can understand that my younger self doesn’t reflect who I am today.”

He added: “Again, I’m sorry to everyone I’ve offended. To the LGBQT community and my supporters and friends, my deepest apologies.”

Meanwhile, this week also saw Stormzy confirmed to appear alongside Ed Sheeran and Liam Gallagher at the BBC’S ‘Year In Music’ 2017.