Stormzy blames his teacher for not getting into Cambridge University

He says his life was turned upside down following a prank at college

Stormzy has blamed one of his former teachers for his failure to get into Cambridge University when he was younger.

The grime star claims he never got the chance to attend the prestigious university because he was ”kicked out” of his college for putting ”loads of chairs” on another student.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, which is due to air tomorrow night (November 3), Stormzy said: “I wouldn’t say I decided not to [go to Cambridge]. Life, and the teacher who kicked me out of college, also probably decided as well.


”That was always the path that I was supposed to go on… I got kicked out [of school], not for anything crazy. It’s going to sound way crazier than it was: I put loads of chairs on another student. It sounds mad but we were messing around, it was horse play and I just put loads of chairs on the student so he was trapped.

”Enough to entrap the whole human body. It was a spontaneous attack actually. It was just some banter, as you do… It sounds crazy, but it was just jokes. It was like the hundredth strike, you don’t get kicked out for putting chairs on someone. I was just a little shit, I’ll admit it now.”

Stormzy recently announced that he was launching a scholarship that will help fund two black British students to go to the University of Cambridge every academic year.

The Stormzy Scholarship will pay for tuition fees, as well as providing a maintenance grant for up to four years of an undergraduate degree.


The Croydon artist published his autobiography yesterday (November 1) Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far, in which he documented the racism he’s had to deal with in his life and career.