Stormzy has been bonding with older fans

The grime MC has been appreciating his more mature fans on Twitter

Stormzy has been bonding with his older fans online after one suggested they were “too old” to listen to his music.

The Croydon MC had shared the news of his new single ‘Blinded By Your Grace Pt. 2’ on Twitter, when one fan wrote: “I know I’m far, far too old to appreciate @Stormzy1, but #GSAP is constantly on my playlist. And this song is divine.”

Another listener than responded sharing their story of their fandom, saying they were 47 years old and adding “music has no boundaries”.


Stormzy replied to the pair, saying: “That’s love.” He later shared a video of a girl and her mum rapping along to his album in the car, commenting: “Yes mumzy you go”.

Meanwhile, Stormzy performed on The X Factor this weekend (October 29), but had to apologise to collaborator MNEK after his guest vocals were covered by Labrinth.

“Guys, what do you do when you’ve come back from a date to find out that Labrinth was singing your song on X Factor instead of you? cos rn idk,” MNEK tweeted.

Stormzy responded on Twitter, explaining: “First and foremost, MNEK is my bro and someone I HIGHLY respect and what he done on the song is unmatched. We created some special moments when we performed BBYG Pt.2 @ Westfields and on the live lounge and with this campaign I’ll be having quite a few TV moments where I’ll be performing the song and saw this as an opportunity to present it in different ways and present it in different formats, hence why I invited Lab to join me as a special guest.”


He continued: “I spoke to my team a while back and told them to make M and his team aware of the plan because I didn’t want any miscommunication.”