Stormzy challenges Wiley to clash as beef heats up again

"The Godfather of grime is a real big PUSSY who gets into war, gets buried, ends up hating himself for trying it and then apologises"

Things are beginning to heat up again between Stormzy and Wiley as the pair have reignited their beef on Twitter.

The Godfather of Grime started a furious war of words with Stormzy last month, prompting the pair to trade blows on savage diss tracks such as ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Eediyat Skengman’ after exchanging insults on Twitter.

The feud appeared to die down but then a couple of weeks ago Wiley called out Stormzy to demand they trade blows in a clash at the London arena The O2.


Now, after calling Wiley an “old crackhead” and “a real big PUSSY” in a series of tweets, Stormzy has issued his own challenge to the ‘Rolex Sweep’ hitmaker.

“Ok how about this, @WileyUK I’ll clash you TONIGHT LIVE ON @RinseFM @1Xtra any station you want and bury you live for all the grime scene to see,” the ‘Vossi Bop’ rapper tweeted. “The Godfather of grime is a real big PUSSY who gets into war, gets buried, ends up hating himself for trying it and then apologises.”

Doubling down on his earlier challenge of a clash at The O2, Wiley replied: “02 or shut up come to the 02 let me ring @EddieHearn now #02.”

Stormzy replied by insinuating Wiley’s idea to involve boxing promoter Eddie Hearn contradicted his earlier claims that Ed Sheeran was a culture vulture.

“The Godfather of grime was so angry at me for working with Ed but here he is trying to let Eddie Hearn profit off of our culture, fucking embarrassment,” he tweeted. “You ain’t the Godfather anymore you’re a bitch who is not built for war. ALL YOU DO IS TWEET, pussyhole.”


He added: “All grime fans will swear to God that Grime is all about clashing and pirate radio and not giving our ting to “the mainstream” so why is your pussyhole Godfather @WileyUK allowing Eddie Hearn to come in and turn this to a PPV? Clash me tonight on rinse Fm. This is grime? No!??”

Wiley replied: “The same way you let Ed in and majors and worked with little mix etc do I need to carry on ? You came up off grime but was defending Ed Sheeran lol.”

Wiley went on to say that Stormzy is “not even top 10” as far as grime MCs go, to which Stormzy replied by continuing his offer to clash.

The back and forth between the two artists continued late into the afternoon. Responding to an earlier tweet Wiley sent about working with Little Mix, Stormzy told Wiley that “All you old grime heads have made the most AWFUL DREADFUL embarrassing pop songs, how dare you. Pathetic. Anyway shut up and clash me.”

Wiley later told Stormzy that “nobody in grime likes” him but that he does. But the ‘Shut Up’ rapper didn’t seem to care as he claimed himself to be the “top boy.”

“Yes they don’t like me and they still can’t say nothing to me because I am the top boy and I am the King here,” he tweeted, before yet again bringing up his challenge. “Now shut up stop tweeting and clash me, you are an embarrassment.”

Stormzy concluded by saying: “Today I showed you that the man who started this ting is an embarrassment and a pussy and has no integrity @WileyUK all he does is tweet tweet tweet, you aren’t on rebuilding Grime, you’re not on clashing on the radio, you’re on trying to profit off of Stormzy.

“My world tour is on a break because of the Brit Awards on the 18th, I am in England until February 20th – you have 5 days to come and clash me live on any radio station anywhere you like. Clash me or shut up. Stop all the twitter fingers and let’s clash live on radio.”

See more from the pair’s interaction below:

Meanwhile, Stormzy has postponed the forthcoming Asian leg of his ‘Heavy Is The Head’ world tour following the outbreak of coronavirus.

The rapper had been due to play in locations including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in March.

But he took to Twitter to explain his decision, saying it was due to the “ongoing health and travel concerns” across the continent.