Stormzy performs at fan’s father’s funeral

The Croydon MC fulfilled Nasir Bockarie's Twitter request after he said one of his late father's favourite songs was 'Blinded By Your Grace'

Stormzy performed at the funeral of the father of one of his fans today (December 21) after being invited to the service on Twitter.

The Croydon MC appeared at the service after responding to a message from Nasir Bockarie, whose father passed away on December 8. Writing to Stormzy, Bockarie revealed that he and his dad shared a love for the track ‘Blinded By Your Grace’, which featured on his debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’.

“Bro my Dad passed away on the day of my graduation last week Friday,” Bockarie wrote last Friday (December 15). “Our favourite song of yours was blinded by your grace. Would love it if you could perform this at his funeral next Thursday 21st December.


“Don’t worry if you can’t, I just thought I’d try my luck.”

Stormzy got in touch with Bockarie the next day (December 16), and the two exchanged private messages as the MC agreed to perform at the service in honour of Bockarie’s late father.

The funeral took place in Reading earlier today, where Stormzy performed ‘Blinded By Your Grace’. One of the mourners posted a picture of Stormzy at the service, saying that they had “massive respect” for the MC.

Speaking to the BBC, Bockarie’s cousin Mariama Kallon said that Stormzy had helped give her uncle “a memorable send-off”.


“Family events for us are very special, whether it be a funeral or wedding,” she said. “We try to find the positive out of everything and that can be hard at funerals, especially with younger family members.

“We did the best to give my uncle a memorable send-off and of course Stormzy really made that happen.

“We’re so grateful and our family will be praying for him always.”

Last week, Stormzy shared the video for ‘Blinded By Your Grace Pt 2’, which features MNEK.