Stormzy fans think he sent for Chip in new verse on Tion Wayne’s ‘I Dunno’

Chip asked "why am i trending?" last night following fan speculation about the verse

Speculation is mounting among fans that Stormzy sent for Chip in his verse on Tion Wayne’s new song ‘I Dunno’ — you can listen to the track below.

Released earlier today (May 29), Wayne’s new track features both Stormzy and Dutchavelli — but it’s Stormzy’s verse that has got people talking online.

After ‘I Dunno’ dropped at midnight, Chip’s name began trending on Twitter as people began speculating about whether Stormzy had called out the Tottenham MC with his verse, which you can hear at 1:20 mark below.


Is he sending for me? I dunno,” Stormzy raps as he begins his verse. “What them boy there sell first week? I dunno.”

He later adds: “Stormzy the goat but they really been doubtin’ / Came offline, I’ve been chillin’ in mountains / How about you, bro? I really sell albums.

“Wait, look, I thought I heard shots but the shoe don’t fit,” he continues. “Can’t flex on me with Louboutin drip / Cah my n***a, that’s stupid shit / We all know that I’m stupid rich.

Can’t stand these neeks when they talk on the tune / Cah it’s, “Wagwan bro?” when I walk in the room / That’s big Mike, the most paid, the most sold / And I still get love from all of the goons, like…


Some fans have theorised that Stormzy may be indirectly addressing Chip’s verse on ‘Waze’, which features on his, Skepta and Young Adz’s recent joint album ‘Insomnia’, though others have disputed this theory.

Responding to the attention being generated by Stormzy’s verse last night, Chip tweeted: “Why am I trending?” Tion Wayne added: “U lot are bored.”

Stormzy, who deleted his social media accounts back in February, has not commented further at this point.