Stormzy responds to Piers Morgan criticising his Boris Johnson “bad man” comments

"The kid asked me a question and I replied truthfully"

Stormzy has responded after Piers Morgan publicly criticised the MC for calling Boris Johnson “a very, very bad man” while speaking with a group of primary school children.

The ‘Heavy Is The Head’ rapper made the comments about the PM, in response to the question “Why do you hate Boris Johnson?”, while speaking to children at Kensington Avenue, his old primary school in Thornton Heath, for a Noisey video.

Morgan took exception to Stormzy’s remarks about Johnson, tweeting “He shouldn’t have done this, and shouldn’t have been allowed to do this” in reference to the rapper speaking to the group of children about the PM.


Responding to Morgan last night (December 18), Stormzy wrote: “The kid asked me a question and I replied truthfully.

“Nothing wrong with that Piers lol.”

Morgan later replied by arguing that “Saying stuff like that to a bunch of very young schoolkids isn’t cool, and you know it.”

“You’re a hugely influential role model now to so many youngsters, wield that power more carefully,” Morgan said.


Stormzy countered by saying that he “Gave ’em my opinion, they’ll grow up and be able to make their own, this ain’t a shocking incident pal, sorry lol”.

The Good Morning Britain host later added: “Anyway, I’m a big fan @stormzy & you’re a hugely important new cultural voice. I just think it would be better to keep inflammatory political statements out of the classroom.”

You can watch the interview between Stormzy and the primary school children above.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Stormzy will recite a bible reading to close out BBC One’s Christmas day schedule.