Stormzy says despite technical set backs at Glastonbury he “felt peace in his heart”

He also spoke out about the reaction to his new album 'Heavy Is The Head'

Stormzy has admitted that despite suffering technical problems at this year’s Glastonbury festival, it was still a triumph and he felt “peace in his heart”.

Last month, the grime star admitted that he thought he’d “fucked it” after his in-ear sound monitors “blew” early on in the set, leaving him without sound for the rest of the performance.

Afterwards, Emily Eavis gave Stormzy a memory stick of the performance. “About halfway through [watching it] I was like, ‘Shit, it all went all right,'” Stormzy added.


Speaking to Zoe Ball on Radio 2 he again re-iterated that he thought he’d messed it up but after watching it back and headlining for the first time he felt happy.

“With Glasto for the first time I felt peace, for the first ever time in my life and career I was so peaceful. I done it and I was peaceful. I felt very perfect peace in my heart,” he said.

The rapper also spoke out about the response his new album ‘Heavy Is The Head’ has been receiving from fans since its release last Friday (December 13).

“[The response] has been beautiful man, I said yesterday on Instagram you lock yourself away in the studio for two years and you’re meticulous, you’re making sure everything’s right but you can never be too sure,” he said.

“I’m super sure that I made brilliant music, I’m super sure I made a body of work, I made a piece of art but you can only be 98 per cent sure you know what I mean? So you just hope it connects but I’m super proud of the album.


Stormzy at Glastonbury Festival 2019. Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

“I always said I’m an artist and it’s easy being a rapper and it’s easy to dismiss us rappers as ‘argh yeah that’s a rap thing that’s not for me’ but I said ‘nah man I’ve made a body of work with brilliant music’ so I want the world to hear it.”

He also said his time recording the album in the studio wasn’t wild by any stretch, adding: “I always feel that rappers yeah, the stigma of rappers where you think you’re gonna walk in and you’re gonna see bottles of alcohol and girls but my studio sessions are dry as hell.

“I usually have biscuits and a cup of tea and one or two of my friends might come round and that’s it. There’s not much to it I’m very like, I get it done.”

Meanwhile, Stormzy recently spoke out about Michael Gove’s comments on the rapper and subsequent appropriation of his lyrics, calling it a “weaponised tactic”.