Stormzy says every UK government has “let black people down”

"Not much has changed."

Stormzy has taken aim at “every UK government” in a new interview, saying each one has systematically “let black people down.”

In a cover interview with GQ, Stormzy told Gary Younge that the treatment of black people and working class people had not changed under Labour or The Conservatives.

Stormzy said: “Every government has let black people down, let working-class people down. Since when I’ve been young, whether it’s been a Labour government or a Tory government, not much has changed for the people who need it the most.”


He continued: “It might just be how man has grown up, and my heart and my character and all that, but you don’t fool man. Man will always rather someone with clean intention to do that job.”

Stormzy at Glastonbury Festival 2019. Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

Stormzy also took aim at current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, following on from his comments before last year’s General Election when he outlined his support for Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn. 

“I see it more black and white…[Boris Johnson] is literally not for man. He has made it clear in his vocabulary and in the stances he takes. I always feel, as a country, as a people, that we should always be trying to uplift one another. Give it a chance.”


Last year, Stormzy said of the Prime Minister: “I also believe it is criminally dangerous to give the most powerful role in the country to a man who has said that the sight of a ‘bunch of black kids’ makes him ‘turn a hair’, compared women in burqas to letterboxes and referred to black people as ‘picaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’.

“I think it’s extremely dangerous to have a man with those views as the sole leader of our country.


Reviewing Stormzy’s headline Glastonbury set last year, NME said: “Stormzy’s Glastonbury was a reflection of the time we live in now. Being the second-youngest headliner in the festival’s history and the first black UK solo artist to have such a high billing would have weighed a lot on his shoulders.

“With anticipation before the night apprehensive, Stormzy does not put a foot wrong throughout. He shows exactly why he deserves to be here.”