Stormzy says he no longer respects Wiley as “a man”

The beef goes on

Stormzy has addressed his ongoing beef with Wiley, declaring that he no longer respects his rival as “a man”.

The pair have been exchanging blows on various diss tracks in recent weeks and now the grime rapper has spoken out about their feud on New York’s Hot ’97.

“He’s a bit of troll, by nature he’s a bit of troll, that’s no disrespect,” said Stormzy. “He’s been trolling me for a bit and then we had a Twitter exchange and then he done the grime thing which is to go on record and..I’ve always held him in the highest regard.”


When asked if he still respects him he said: “As an MC and a musician and the person who started the genre and allowed me to have a career, 100 per cent. As a man maybe not.”


The beef reached new heights when the rappers dragged their mothers into the row.

On ‘Eediyat Skengman 2’, Wiley said he was going to “rip the weave off” of Stormzy’s mother’s head. The ‘Heavy is the Head’ rapper responded on ‘Still Disappointed’, rapping: “Since you wanna diss my mum so much/ Let’s talk about why you moved your mum to Cyprus/ That poor little woman was scared in the house/ ‘Cause you put her life in danger, you prick.”

That led Peter Andre to unexpectedly insert himself into the beef pleading with the two artists to not bring their families into it, which resulted in a backlash against the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer.


Black Midi then also seemingly stepped into the feud by releasing a diss track aimed at Ed Sheeran.

Elsewhere, in the Hot 97 interview, Stormzy also there is no “credible reason” for Meghan Markle to be disliked, after she faced an increased backlash over the last week.