‘Stranger Things’ creators criticised after forcing teen actors to perform unscripted kiss

"The whole day I was like stressed out".

The creators of Stranger Things have come under fire after a teenage actress admitted to feeling “uncomfortable” when she was forced to perform an unscripted kiss on the last day of filming.

In a closing scene of Season 2, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), is seen kissing Max, a new character played by teenage actress Sadie Sink.

But Sink has now admitted that she was forced to perform the unscripted action by co-creator Ross Duffer after being “freaked out” by the prospect.

Describing the kiss, which occurs at the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball, Sink told Beyond Stranger Things: “The kiss was not written in the script. I get there, the first day of Snowball… one of you, I think it was you Ross, you say, ‘Ooh, Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’ I’m like, ‘What! No! That’s not in the script. That’s not happening.”

“So the whole day I was like stressed out, I was like ‘Oh my god, wait, am I gonna have to…’ and it didn’t happen that day, but then the second day of filming the Snow Ball.”

Duffer responded: “You reacted so strongly to this. I was just joking, and you were so freaked out that I was like well, I got to make her do it now. That’s why I’m saying it’s your fault.”

The interview has seen the Duffer Brothers facing criticism over their apparent failure to make the situation more natural for a 15-year-old actress.

“The two grown men that created Stranger Things forced a child to kiss another child while they filmed”, writer Aura Bogado said on Twitter.

“The Stranger Things creators later blamed it ON THE CHILD, saying that they forced her to do it presicely because she didn’t want to.”

Another said: “Is it just me that got uncomf w/beyond stranger things where they kinda forced the kids to kiss despite the actresses not rly wanting to?”

The Duffer Brothers are yet to respond directly to the criticism.