Watch Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard star in PUP music video

Wolfhard plays band member in 'Sleep in the Heat'

Stranger Things‘ Finn Wolfhard– who plays Mike Wheeler on the show – is the latest cast member to star in a music video.

Playing a band member in Canadian band PUP’s latest single ‘Sleep in the Heat’, Wolfhard has previously starred in the band’s video for their 2014 single ‘Guilt Trip’. ‘Sleep in the Heat’ speaks about the death of a beloved pet, with addition footage of the band members’ real-life animal companions also included in the clip.

Depicting a younger version of frontman Stefan Babcock, Wolfhard befriends a stray dog only to find that the pup soon falls ill. Wolfhard/Babcock has to sell his guitar for the veterinary bills but the story doesn’t have the happy ending fans will be hoping for. You can watch the video below.


Wolfhard isn’t the only Stranger Things actor to appear in a music video. Millie Bobby Brown appeared in the new music video from Sigma.

DJ duo Sigma teamed up with singer Birdy on new song ‘Wings’, with its video starring the young actor, who rose to fame as Eleven in the hit Netflix show.

The cameo came about after Birdy, a big fan of the show, asked Millie Bobby Brown to be involved in the clip. Brown is said to have been “a Birdy fan for years”.


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