Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard’s band Calpurnia make their TV debut

Watch Stranger Thing' star Finn Wolfhard and his band Calpurnia make their late night debut on Kimmel

Stranger Things’ star Finn Wolfhard and his band Calpurnia made their TV debut last night (July 23).

Appearing on Kimmel, the young band made their debut playing song ‘City Boy’ taken from the four-piece band’s debut EP, ‘Scout’.

They also performed a web-exclusive of ‘Greyhound’ a song about teenage heartbreak.


You can watch the performances here:

Speaking to NME recently, Wolfhard said many of the fans of the band are also fans of Stranger Things.

“Most of the fans of Calpurnia are Stranger Things fans, which is not a big deal at all,” Wolfhard said.

“They’re super loyal and incredible, and really do like the music. It’s the people who aren’t fans of the music and are just there because of Stranger Things that really bother me.”


However, Wolfhard added that he wanted to distance himself from the show, setting the band out as a project in their own right.

“We’re all at peace with it,” he says of the relationship with the show, but admitted that some fans can start to heckle moments from the TV show when they are performing live.

“I remember going up on stage and plugging in [my guitar] to tune and hearing, ‘Where’s your girlfriend Eleven?’” Wolfhard says.

“I got one at Toronto and shut them down super hard – in a nice way. They said something like, ‘I love Stranger Things’ and I was like, ‘Cool man, I also like music, which is what’s happening right now.’”

Earlier this year after the band released their debut single, Wolfhard spoke to Matt Wilkinson on his Beats 1 show and added that he used his success in Stranger Things to promote the band initially.

“I did Stranger Things and that blew up so I took that to my advantage and I wanted to put on a mini festival, music festival, and got a bunch of bands together,” he explained.

“I realised at the last second “I need a band as well”. So I called up all these guys and the bassist Jack, I met him briefly… I just said “I know I’ve only met you once but let’s all jam and see where it goes, and if it’s good then let’s go to LA and do the show together.”

Calpurnia are playing Osheaga Festival in August; the band’s debut EP, ‘Scout’, is out now.