Stray Kids’ Bang Chan apologises for his comments about other K-pop idols

"It was not my intention to specify a certain artist"

Stray Kids member Bang Chan has posted an apology for remarks he made during a recent livestream.

Earlier this week, during the K-pop idol’s weekly livestream, called Chan’s Room, the musician spoke about his experience about the Music Bank in Paris event, which was held in early April.

During the live broadcast, Bang Chan touched on generational differences in greeting etiquette (in Korean culture, a person who’s younger or lower in position bows to someone older or higher in position) and his thoughts on the subject.


“Because generations are different, and I know that as well. But I feel like it’s come to the point where greeting someone is not considered as basic manners,” Bang Chan said, per Soompi.

“That was one of the things I remembered from Music Bank in Paris,” he added. “I mean, I’m not going to say names! But yeah, there are people out there… but I mean, I guess it’s a different generation. Probably just have to live with it, right?”

Bang Chan’s comments soon sparked discussions among netizens and fans about greeting etiquette, as well as the identity of the K-pop idol that Bang Chan had been talking about.

The musician has since apologised for his comments, in a post on the official Stray Kids Instagram account today (May 18). “I apologise for the offense caused by the comments I made during a recent live broadcast,” he wrote.

“I thought about the impact my words and behaviour can have on others, and have deeply reflected on myself,” Bang Chan added. “I would like to mention that it was not my intention to specify a certain artist, and that my comments had nothing to do with the artist being mentioned currently.”

Read Bang Chan’s full statement here.


Meanwhile, Stray Kids are set to release their new album ‘5-Star’ next month. The boyband have so far teased several tracks from the record, including ‘Get Lit’ and ‘DLC’.

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