Stray Kids discuss new album ‘NOEASY’ and lead single ‘Thunderous’

The track was created by 3RACHA, the group’s producing trio comprising Bang Chan, Chang-bin and Han

South Korean boyband Stray Kids recently spoke about their forthcoming record and its lead single ‘Thunderous’.

In an interview published by HangukGyeongjeTV, the eight-member act discussed their second studio album ‘NOEASY’, which is set to feature the lead single ‘Thunderous’. Marking their first comeback since being crowned the winners of the Mnet reality TV competition Kingdom: Legendary War back in June, the record is set to arrive next week on August 23.

Their forthcoming single ‘Thunderous’ is produced by 3RACHA, the hip-hop/music-producing trio within the group that comprises members Bang Chan, Chang-bin and Han. “We’re freely sharing ideas and making music in a comfortable environment,” the trio commented on the creative process, per Soompi. “We’re constantly thinking of ways to make music unique to us that is both new and witty.”


3RACHA also talked about their goals as producers. “Discovering what others haven’t done yet is our assignment that we are solving and will continue to solve in the future,” they said.

Notably, several members of the group participated in the writing and composition for the songs on ‘NOEASY’. Over the past few days, Stray Kids have previewed several songs from the 14-track record through their ‘UNVEIL’ project. This included ‘Sorry, I Love You’, ‘Cheese’, Bang Chan and Hyun-jin’s ‘Red Lights’, Lee Know, Chang-bin and Felix’s ‘Surfin”, and ‘Gone Away’ by Han, Seung-min and I.N.

Elsewhere in the interview, Stray Kids also expressed their gratitude towards their fans (officially named ‘STAY’) for helping shape their upcoming record. “Thanks to the unchanging love and support we receive from STAY, we’ve been able to try out various things musically and clearly define our team-specific colour,” they shared.

“With each new album release and promotion period, we’re building up happy memories with our fans. We hope to create another precious memory together during our ‘NOEASY’ promotions.”